If you want to buy our coins, please send an e-mail to tagasorve@gmail.com

Please note that information in this catalog is constantly updated. Most businesses in the territory of the kingdom accept Torgu Thalers as a means of payment in parallel with the Euro. As of spring 2024 purchasing power of the Torgu Thaler is 10.88 EUR/1.00 TRT, selling rate 13.00 EUR/1.00 TRT Limited amount of the following coins are currently on sale:

                                           by catalog nr

III Oo Sörvemaa      - #10512a & b;

V Ohessaare pank    - #50714c & d;

VIII Sääre tulepaak - #11017a & b;

IX Torgu Tigulohe    - #11118, #11118a & c.

Kingdom´s official recognition for Torgu Taaler traders (valid when signed)